Friday, August 21, 2020

Have You Seen My Blog Roll Recently?

 One of the odd things about modern technology is that many people don't read my blog on my blog. Huh?

Well, blogs have become a bit like podcasts. You put up an RSS feed (such as and anyone can re-broadcast your blog in real time as it happens. 

So, some people read my blog on the ChannelPro Network site. Some on Blogorama. And so forth. An RSS feed is, after all, really simple syndication. And that means it's also really easy for me to create a list of my favorite blogs.

If you want to read the things I try to keep up on, a good place to start is my Blog Roll. First, go to my actual blog - On the right side, you'll see my blog roll. Here's a picture from yesterday.

I change this from time to time, but it's pretty consistent. I had some blogs listed here for years, but they slowly evolved. 

If a blog goes silent for a few months, I put it on the watch list (or maybe the don't-watch list). Eventually, I feel obligated to remove blogs that are no longer active.

Note: If you have suggestions, I am happy to consider adding your favorite blog to this list (even if it's yours). Just note that those who disappear will disappear. 

So, who's on the list?

Well, some folks are active more than once a day. 

On the top of that list is ChannelE2E. My old friend Joe Panettieri does a pretty good job of writing something every day. Yes, a lot of is is rah-rah stuff for whoever bought advertising. But that's the game. There's a lot of good news there as well.

Of course I cover my own stuff, including the SBT Technology Community, the SMB Community Podcast, The Killing IT Podcast, and my Relax Focus Succeed blog.

Hey, it's my list, right? :-)

Other great news, commentary, and information sites include Jay McBain's Forrester blog, the ChannelPro Network blog, and Richard Tubb's Tubblog.

Note: Good vendor blogs are included when appropriate. If you have a vendor blog you can't live without, I'm happy to consider it. Let me know. A link is always appreciated.

Another category is thought-leader stuff. On one hand, this includes technical information. Net Sciences, Robert Crane, and Amy Babinchak are on the top of that list. One the other hand is business related info. Killing IT, Erick Simpson, and Manuel Palachuk top that list.

The intention here is literally to give you a starting place when you don't know where to start. If you were getting in this business today, I think you would do well to read each blog on this list. I do.

Not on the list.

Two kinds of blogs have been removed over the years. I think Susan Bradley's was listed here for more than ten years. But she started blogging on another site, more commercial in nature. And, to be honest, my primary focus is on the business side, not the tech side. So we eventually dropped it.

Other, similar contributors have moved outside my primary focus.

Saddest of all, I would say, is Microsoft. We used to list the SBS blog. But, of course, that product died in the last recession. The Exchange blog was awesome for a long time. Eventually, even Microsoft stopped posting to that blog. And when the Windows Server blog went fives months without a post, we dropped it.

One reason I blog: So I don't have to drop myself from the list. :-)

-- -- --

Note to vendors: If you want to buy yourself onto this list, pick a number with five zeros after it and send me an email.



  1. Appreciate the shout out as always

  2. Karl -- thanks for the kind shout-out! Many years ago, I remember using your blog-roll to find blogs to help my MSP business grow -- now, I'm on that list. I'm honoured. :-)


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