Monday, August 03, 2020

Marketing with Paul . . . A great, different perspective

This is a different kind of blog post for me. I create podcasts at and at, as well at blogs on those sites and another at I only mention all that to make this point: I almost never write on one platform about what I'm doing on the other platforms. If you think about it, the whole network of connections is complicated enough! I *do* list all my activities in my weekly newsletter, which you can subscribe to with the "Newsletter" link in the menu above.

Paul Green
So, this is a different kind of post. Here's why.

I interviewed Paul Green over on the SMB Community Podcast last week. Check that out.

It really struck me that Paul has a different perspective on several things. First, right up front, he mentions how amazing the Managed Services business model is. Think about it:

- We have massive recurring revenue
- We keep clients for ten, fifteen, or twenty years

Stop and think about that. It's really amazing, and very rare among any industries. 

BUT, he says, this makes MSPs lazy at marketing! After all, if you don't market today, or this week, you won't feel much pain. If you're in the break/fix world, you have to hustle all the time or there won't be any revenue next week. As an MSP, you business will eventually go down hill, but there's nothing "immediate" about it.

Obviously, it's better all around if you DO market.

Furthermore, Paul says, you don't have to be better at marketing that everyone in your area. You only have to be better than the two or three (or one) other companies that are paying attention to marketing right now.

All of that territory is covered in the first four minutes of the podcast!

Please do yourself a favor and go listen to that podcast. It will definitely be a good use of your time. Listen to the SMB Community Podcast Now.

You may also be interested in Paul's book: Updating Servers Doesn't Grow Your Business. You can find that for free on his web site:

I put in my email and got the PDF right away.

. . . 

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