Friday, January 06, 2017

Register Now: My 8th Annual "State of the Nation" Address for Small Business IT

Karl's 8th Annual Annual "State of the Nation" Address 

Wednesday, January 18th
9:00 AM Pacific / 12 Noon Eastern

Register Here:

Mark your calendar now and don't miss this once-a-year podcast. This will be my 8th Annual "State of the Nation" for small technology providers.

Don't miss this year's webinar.

No cost. Just register and tune in.

Paste that into your calendar so you don't forget!

Topics Include:

  • Highlights (lowlights?) from 2016
  • Windows 10, Server 2016, Azure, . . . and what's next
  • Cloud Services
  • The Economy
  • Building Your Business for the Long Term
  • Speculations about 2017

- - - - -

As I look forward to an amazingly productive year, I am turning my focus to helping IT providers lift their heads above the problems of the moment and build successful businesses that remain profitble for a LONG time. Taking the long view adds a great deal of perspective - and profitability.

The business environment seems nerve-racking to many people. We certainly live in an era of political uncertainty. But I believe the economic picture is bright. This is particularly true is small business. Remember: You're an economy of one.

Today is the day to tune up your business, add some new offerings, and lock in a very successful 2017!

Tune in to learn more.

Karl's 8th Annual State of the Nation Address for SMB IT
January 18th
9:00 AM Pacific
Webinar Registration:

- - - - -

Note: I have 100 seats and we have 115 registered so far. But don't worry!

One of the things I've learned is that there's about a 50% drop-off rate when things are free. If registration reaches 200, I'll buy the extra seats.

Plan to log in early, though, to guarantee your seat.

See you then.

This session will be recorded.


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