Sunday, January 15, 2017

Now Shipping: Getting to the Next Level by Manuel Palachuk

Last Fall we announced that my brother Manuel would be releasing his new book in 2017.

Well, it's here!

We are now shipping Getting to the Next Level: A Blueprint for Taking You and Your Business to the Top!

Available in Hardbound on Amazon or

in Hardbound or PDF at SMBBooks.

Getting to the next level is a never ending journey for you and your business and now you have the definitive guide book. From the design of the business to the execution on strategy and all the tools you need in between this book covers it. It shows you how to gauge your business maturity and your progress along your roadmap to stratospheric success. Complete with a well defined case study and Example by the author that are built from years of experience in business management and guidance.

Learn to design your business from the top down using the Pyramid of Purpose and Value and then build it from the ground up by leveraging Business Agile Strategy Execution (BASE).

Your Shared Vision is the heart of your business even more so than your product and service value proposition. Your shared vision must be embedded in your organizations culture so it can permeate all the way down to the ground level. The Pyramid of Purpose and Value allows you to design your business from the top down and to share it in a meaningful way. It paints a clear and enticing picture and tells a very compelling story of how you intend to create stratospheric success. It attracts the right people to back your endeavor and the right people to get on board.

You ability to define a clear business roadmap & Strategy and then execute on it is one of the biggest determinants of your success. Imagine taking the most advanced methods of Agile development and applying them to your business roadmap & strategy execution. That's Business Agile Strategy Execution. BASE is the most innovative advancement for small and medium size business roadmap development and strategy execution and you can harness and leverage its power for your self. The entire process is clearly defined and broken down in step-by-step fashion using real life examples.

Today more than ever there is a demand for value in everything we create or do. Tap into the authors insights on creating a value proposition for your customers that endears them to your business because they see you are a value drive organization. Learn about the elements of success that determine your organizations overall Business Maturity Index and how to drive them in the direction you want. With this book you will have the most important component of a true significant competitive advantage for your business, the blueprint for success.

Table of Contents


1. What Does The Next Level Look Like?
Start With the End in Mind
Startup, Turnaround, Merger, Acquisition, Cruising
Your Business Identity
The Pyramid of Purpose and Value
Your Business Success and Maturity
The Way of the Turtle
The Reality of What Is Required
Success as a Habit

2. The Tenets of Business & Management
The Purpose of a Business
Business Basics Review
Management & Leading Functions
The Value Chain
Basic Functions of Any Business
Organizational Environments
Business Value Aspects
Organizational Environments
Developing Your Business Roadmap & Strategy

3. Tools & Methods for Defining Your Business
Critical Thinking
Process Control
GOST Strategy Planning
SMARTER Goal and Projects
Core Competency Matrix
DiSC Profiles
Feasibility Study
Business Plan

4. Tools & Methods for Analyzing Your Business
Product Life Cycle Analysis
Target Market Analysis
Ansoff Matrix
Porter’s Five Competitive Forces
Porter’s Generic Strategies
Bowman’s Strategy Clock
PESTEL Analysis
McKinsey 7S Framework
Gap Analysis
SWOT Analysis

5. Tools & Methods for Refining Your Business
Financial Statements
Leading Indicators
The Value Chain
Six Sigma
Balanced Scorecard
The Strategy Map
Business Maturity Index
BASE (Business Agile Strategy Execution)

6. Pyramid of Purpose and Value - Culture
Human Element
Culture Crosscheck

7. Pyramid of Purpose and Value – Compass
Products and Services
Target Markets
Operating Systems
Compass Crosscheck

8. Pyramid of Purpose and Value – Blueprint for Success
Performance Measures
Roadmap & Strategy
Blueprint Crosscheck
Continuous Incremental Improvement
Discipline and Execution

9. Business Maturity Index - Gauging Your Success
The BMI Framework
The Index And Graph In Action
BMI Summary
The Ten Business Value Aspects
The Five Success Elements

10. Agile Execution
Agile Defined
Agile In Action
Agile Versus Waterfall
Why Agile?

11. Business Strategy Meets Agile Execution
The Business Analysis Breakdown
The Roadmap and Strategy Buildup
Agile Applied (Iteration Planning)
Continuous Incremental Improvement (The Sprint)
Using An Agile Project Board

12. Case Study & Example

13. The Next Level
Refining Your Business Identity
Growing Your Operation
Financing and Private Equity
The End Game
Business Valuation
Mergers and Acquisitions
Protecting Your Business Legacy
Engaging a Business Coach or Mentor
Mastermind, Peer, and Business Groups
Getting Everyone On Board
Putting It All Together





- - - - -

About the author: Manuel Palachuk is the coach who will take you to the gym not just send you there. He believes that small business is the backbone of the world and the service industry in particular is the heart! He has nearly 30 years of business, management and training experience in the computer and electronics industries including owning and managing successful IT and MSP companies.

He holds an Associate degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Automated Manufacturing Technology. He is an expert of process, systems, and their efficiency who is driven toward continuous improvement in all aspects of business.

Manuel is an experienced speaker and trainer at industry conferences and other events. He is also the co-author of the Network Migration Workbook, an expansive 600 page document covering the complete processes and checklists required to migrate your network with zero downtime.


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