Friday, January 20, 2017

My State of the Nation Address is Posted Now

Two hundred people registered for the "State of the Nation" address for SMB IT this week. Not everyone could make it. The webinar was recorded and you can get it for free on my book site:

Just head over the to the Free Stuff (Really) section to download it.

Note: Free orders (zero dollars) have to be processed manually in our system. So please be patient. Laura and I will both be processing orders today.

This is a one hour webinar and covers several topics, including:

- Look back at 2016
- Look ahead to 2017
- Annoying Technologies in 2016
- 2017: The Year of Cloud Migration and the Year of Data Breaches
- The Economy and SMB
- Stay Focused on Your Business!

Note: There is an error in this webinar. One viewer pointed out to me that I mixed up Foundation and Essentials Server. Foundation has been discontinued and Essentials is you option for very small businesses.

I know this because I run Essentials Server internally. I just flipped them. Sorry.

Recorded January 2017



  1. One of the things you mentioned in your address was that you do not allow the user to install anything.

    What do you do in situations where some of the programs require local admin rights to run? Some of our clients have legacy software that can only be run if the user account has local admin rights?

    I would like to implement this in my business this year and wanted to know how you went about it.

    Thank you for your feedback!

  2. First I really push hard for them to upgrade or move to secure software. Education!

    Second, I do some in-house training on spotting weird stuff so they are super-attentive. See my sample client training on this: This is a recording of an actual client safety training.

    Third, I try to make them paranoid about stuff showing up in front of their face. The key message is THINK before you click.

    You can only make them as safe as they let you. :-)

    1. The video training idea was excellent and what I will use for my quarterly business reviews. Thanks so much for sharing this it was fantastic.


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