Thursday, January 12, 2017

Join Me Live at SMB TechFest - Free

SMB Techfest is held four times a year in Anaheim. It is well worth the effort to attend.

I try to go at least three times per year because the content is always changing. Great presentations, great vendors, and all kinds of nice people to hang out with for a day.

Register for free with you follow this link:

I will be on a special panel Dave Seibert is putting together for this show only. Join us next week - January 19th - all day.

(I'm heading to Anaheim on Wednesday, so if you want to buy me a beer Wednesday night, ping me.)

Start 2017 Off Right

1 Day
16 Speakers
Vendor Expo Hall
IT Mixer
Meals – Beer - Wine
$200K Ferrari Raffle
Security - Coaches - IoT - Sales

SMB TechFest

Quarterly Technology Conference

Onsite or U.S. Wide Live Video Broadcast

Register Free:


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