Friday, July 08, 2016

Video: Sample Client-Facing Presentation on Safe Computing

My latest video is a sample presentation. The core presentation is thirty minutes. There is a quick introduction at the beginning and note at the end for technology professionals. The middle section is exactly what I present to clients.

See that video here:

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I have zipped up the PowerPoint presentation in both PPTX and PDF formats at Feel free to download that file. You can edit the PowerPoint and customize as you see fit.

The basic flow of the video for clients is:

- Intro

- Overview of viruses, the current "crypto" threat, and social engineering

- How we apply layers of security with firewall, anti-virus, patch management, and human behavior (policies)

- Being safe with email (delete, delete, delete)

- Being safe with browsing and pop-ups (Alt-F4, Alt-F4, Alt-F4)

- Extensions, file types that can execute code

- Why no one operates at a local (or network) administrator

- How to install programs, etc. with elevated privileges are required

Please enjoy the video . . . and I appreciate any feedback you have.



  1. We do nearly everything you do here, but what we see is that while getting this to the owner/manager is easy, it is nearly impossible to get them to disseminate this information to their staff. Even if delivered as video, we have not figured out how to incentivize clients to pay attention. Good coverage, but how do you make them pay attention?

  2. I make this presentation to the whole office in their conference room. I don't make it to the owner/manager. So I'm speaking directly to the folks who need to learn - and answering their questions.

  3. Really enjoyed the video and will look to setup a meeting with my MSP clients to fill them in on user behavior. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks Karl, very helpful and appreciate the Powerpoint presentation.

  5. Hi Karl. I really enjoyed the video. Thank you very much for the presentation. Used part of it in a presentation to a local civic group. Thanks!


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