Friday, July 15, 2016

Nuking and Paving - What's Your Policy?

I just posted a new SOP video on Nuking and Paving. That's when you format a hard drive and totally re-install everything on a computer. (A modern alternative is to simply remove and replace the hard drive so you can get an extra terabyte of storage and then reinstall everything.)

When do you Nuke and Pave? What are the factors to consider?

And most importantly, how does this policy affect your profitability?

Watch the Video:

A few factors to consider are the skills of the technician, the cost to the client, and the promises you've made in your contracts.

Some problems are simply not fixable - but 99% are. Some problems are just too expensive to fix. But you have to figure out what "too expensive" means to you and the client.

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