Monday, July 11, 2016

The Seven Chakras of Managed Service

The Seven Chakras of Managed Service

The chakras are the energy centers for your managed service business. Through them flow the vital energies that keep your business healthy and profitable. You must put your attention on each of these in turn so you can maintain a happy, healthy, and vibrant business.

Here's a quick summary:

The Root Chakra is at the base of your business. It includes the fundamental understanding between you, your clients, and your employees. It is manifest in the trust you all feel within your relationships. It is visible in your service contracts, spoken words, agreements to serve and to be paid fairly. This is also the core of your promise to take care of the client by taking care of their network.

The Sacral Chakra is the center of your creativity. It represents your commitments to new technologies and techniques. It is manifest in your commitments to learning, training, and sharing the knowledge you have about how things should be done and how service should be delivered.

The Solar Chakra represents wisdom and power. This is the home of your commitment to monitoring client systems, establishing alerts, and a constant awareness of their system health. This is also the source of your enlightened preventive maintenance, as opposed to a baser practice of waiting until things break and a client is in pain before you provide assistance.

The Heart Chakra represents loving and healing. It is manifest in your patch management, monthly maintenance procedures, backups, and constant testing. All the actions you take to systematically improve the health of client networks spring from this chakra.

The Throat Chakra represents communication, both within your company and between your company and your clients. This communication has many facets. At the most formal level, it is manifest in your Service Board, your ticketing system, your standard operating procedures and email templates. At a more informal level it is seen in your meetings, phone calls, emails, and personal interactions. Good communications make relationship flow in a positive direction.

The Third Eye Chakra represents awareness. This is the "big picture" view you take of client relationships, the long-term plan for your company, and the long-term planning of your client's network infrastructure. It is manifest in quarterly business reviews (road map meetings). The ultimate manifestation occurs when client sincerely see you as part of their team and a vital piece of their success. When you achieve that, you are no longer an outsider providing help on a temporary basis.

Many companies never achieve this level of awareness.

The Crown Chakra represents your guiding philosophies about business. These include a commitment to quality service, a commitment to working with good people, a commitment to good employee management, and a commitment to positive culture. An efficient and profitable business is a wonderful thing, and made even more valuable by the daily opportunity to work with clients, employees, and vendors who respect and enjoy each other.

It is a simple but powerful framework. Success in balancing these elements requires constant vigilance. Some days are more successful than others. But you get to start over every day!



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