Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Bering McKinley announces Service Fundamentals Workshop - July 28-29

I received an announcement from my friend/mentor Josh Peterson over at Bering McKinley. They awesome Service Fundamentals Workshop will be held live in Chicago at the end of this month.

Here's the annoucement. Check out more details and more workshops at

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July 28 & 29 2016 at the beautiful Comp TIA facilities in Chicago

  • End once and for all your business battles. Spend two days with us and two weeks with your team and you’re company is cured. Service Fundamentals is a balance between managing the numbers and the activities of your staff. 
  • Establish and manage your top ten service department commandments and manage to them daily.
  • Create job descriptions that you can manage to and make part of the day-to-day operations of the department.
  • Manage the entire hiring process to make sure you are picking only the best.
  • Understand which operational and financial KPI’s you should be paying attention to. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.
  • If Bering McKinley advises you to do it, we always show you how to measure it. You will be an HR Expert when you leave us!
  Sample Targets for:
1.   Agreement Gross Profit
2.   Service Revenue Mix
3.   Service Salaries to Service Revenue
4.   Effective Hourly Rate

  Who should attend?  
 Owners who need formal training on delivering service.
  Dispatchers on their way to being Service Managers.
  Service Managers who have never received any real training.
  Experienced Managers new to the industry.
How much?  Three ways to pay!    

Option 1: Unlimited Access Program  
 $175 monthly (12 month term). Unlimited access with one attendee of your choice to all of our workshops and training sessions. Additional seats can be reserved for a flat one time fee of $100 (each additional person). That's it! (Note, not available on our website yet. To sign up please contact us directly). 

Option 2:  Workshop Bundle Package
$1500 Per attendee of your choice. Attend any two workshop sessions of your choice for this price! You can pick any combination you wish!

Option 3:  Pay As You Go
$949 Per attendee. No commitment.  Each additional attendee from your company are at a 50% discount rate. (special discounts for current Bering McKinley Peer Team Members and for members of competitive Peer Groups). 

*Workshops include a work book for future reference and a library of sample documents including sample contracts, job descriptions, and scope of work samples.

As an owner, you can’t be all things to all people, hard as you may try.  Utilize the experience and expertise of Bering McKinley to train your staff.  1000’s of your peers have trusted Bering McKinley to train their staff.  You’ll be in great hands.

More Info and Registration at

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