Sunday, July 03, 2016

New Free Downloads: Organizing for Success; Only the Excellent will Survive; Consistency and Success

There's always new stuff posted at SMB Books!

Here are three new FREE downloads for you. All were originally recorded as part of the SMB Online Conference.

1. Organizing for Success: Organize or Die!

I know that sounds alarming. But Technology moves at the speed of light. And it's unforgiving. You can't stay in one place and you can't assume the world's going to slow down and wait for you.

Obviously, I'm a huge fan of SOPs - standard operating procedures. In this presentation I talk about the connection between "organization" of your business and survival in the ever-changing world of technology.

30 Minutes.

See Organizing for Success at

2. Only the Excellent Will Survive

Og Mandino makes the case that you only need a little effort to separate yourself from the crowd and being significantly better than your competition.

In this presentation I make the argument that IT service delivery is far more professional than it was ten or twenty years ago. This makes it a little harder for amateurs to get into this business. At the same time, large MSPs are putting pressure on smaller companies to compete on a more professional level.

It explores what you need to survive in the market ahead - including tools and software as well as attitude and training.

35 Minutes.

See Only The Excellent Will Survive at

3. Consistency and Success

It seems strange, but almost no one has the goal of being #1 or being excellent. Guess what? If you don't have that as a goal, you certainly won't achieve it by accident.

In almost every human endeavor, #1 is far ahead of the competition.

Consistency leads to success. In some sense, consistency causes success.

We all start out without success and have to strive to get where we want. As Tom Peters says,

"The essence of sustainable competitive advantage is: 1) The obvious; 2) The little things; 3) The accumulation of little things over the years."

30 Minutes.

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