Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Robin Robins' Big Seminar - The Gathering

Robin Robins is a true marketing genius. How do you know that? Because she has the perfect formula for marketing success:

1) A product (service) that works
2) A band of raving fans
3) Just enough detractors to make her a little controversial
4) No matter what she does to make the brand something else (e.g. Technology Marketing Toolkit), the brand is her

[Sidebar on detractors: Everyone has detractors. Hell, I've got three of them myself! Every successful business has a few clients who aren't a good fit. But my experience is that 99% of Robin's detractors have never tried her service. They just 1) think they know what it is, and 2) know their clients wouldn't go for that.]

The annual Robin Robins gathering has become one of the truly great events in the SMB community. You can tell this is true because of the chatter that takes place in the days and weeks leading up to it. People email and ask, "Are you going? Will I see you there?" Then they post on Facebook, "Hey, who's going to Nashville?"

My first request came over a month ago. Today my inbox is filled with invitations for dinner and drinks. This is true for hundreds of other attendees as well.

Robin didn't create this buzz. At least not directly. It's a by-product of what she did create: Enthusiasm and excitement.

No one comes to Robin's Big Seminar wondering if it will be good or worthwhile. Those are guaranteed. The only question is, "What amazing things will we see and experience?"

Well, I'm here now.

Let the awesomeness begin!


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