Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Help Me Develop a Cloud Training and Get In for Free

OK. Here's the deal.

For about seven years now I've been talking about the "Cloud Five Pack" we developed for our businesses (KPEnterprises, renamed to America's Tech Support. And now my new company Small Biz Thoughts).

We developed a package offering that provides "everything" a small business needs for technology:

- Hosted Exchange
- Spam Filtering
- Anti-Virus
- Remote Monitoring
- Patch management
- Storage / Backup
- Web site

and a "Lite" server onsite if the client needs fast storage for CAD, photos, QucikBooks, etc.

We sell this combo in a 5-pack. So clients pay one low price and can connect five users to hosted storage, email, etc.

BUT You Have Questions

When I've described this, I've found several people who wanted more detailed information. We have traditionally used Rackspace, but they no longer have a reseller program for the Jungledisk hosted storage for mapping a drive letter in the cloud.

Some folks have not figured out how to bundle these services. Or unbundle other services they have.

So . . .

I'm Developing a Cloud Five-Pack Course

and I need your help

I want to present click-by-click training with lots of hands-on opportunities. Ideally, every attendee will actually go out and create some kind of Cloud bundle offering. It may not be exactly like mine, but it will be a great bundle you can sell into your existing client base - and new clients as well.

I'm sure I could put together a training that's valuable. BUT folks always have questions. So here's what I want to do.

1) Hold a class for only ten people. You'll get the full training plus an opportunity to raise your questions and concerns. We'll have lots of opportunities for feedback.

2) We're going to charge you when you register. That's so that people actually attend. It's a nominal fee of $25. You get a full refund after you attend both sessions. So your final cost is FREE. As you know, attendance at free events is very low and unpredictable.

The training times were set so that we can address folks in North America and Australia. To do that, it's not actually very convenient for anyone. But we had to make choices. Sorry for folks in the UK. If we do this again, we'll move the time five or six hours earlier.

The training format will be as follows:

Class One
- 60 minutes of presentation
- up to 30 minutes of questions/answer and open discussion

Class Two - one week later
- 60 minutes of presentation
- up to 30 minutes of questions/answer and open discussion

The class dates/times are as follows:

May 11, 2015 
- 2 PM Pacific
- 5 PM Eastern
- 7 AM AEST May 12th

May 18, 2015 
- 2 PM Pacific
- 5 PM Eastern
- 7 AM AEST May 19th

Register here: https://www.smbbooks.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=cloud5test

Thank you for your support!

- karlp



  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Sounds great Karl. I'm in!
    Thanks for your great ideas.

    Daniel Ashurst

    1. Anonymous1:21 AM

      Let me know when you have a UK course... We have also pulled together a combination of cloud products.. Kael, in relation to jungle disk check out cloudberrylabs BOX http://www.cloudberrylab.com/cloudberry-box.aspx

      I believe it can be whitelabelled as part of their MSP programs.. We use them for cloud backup at the moment (another product of theirs) and it works well.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I promise we won't leave out the UK. :-)

  3. Andrew1:39 PM

    Hi Karl. Will you consider a rerun for this course or similar for Australia?

  4. This is your lucky day!!!

    This training evolved into the six-hour cloud training I'm doing as the SMB Roadshow - www.smbroadshow.com.

    I am coming to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane in October. Would love to have you (and all your friends) join me!


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