Wednesday, April 01, 2015

New Refund Policy - Almost

For 20 years I've had a very simple return policy. It goes like this:

Yes. You may have a refund.

No questions asked.

Some things aren't a good fit.

- - - - -

But every once in awhile somebody just takes advantage of my good nature.

Every once in awhile someone makes a purchase, downloads the content, and immediately requests a refund. It normally includes a statement to the effect that the material isn't useful or isn't valuable.

I try not to be arrogant, but when I look at the hundreds (or thousands) of hours that go into the products I create, I find it hard to believe that an experienced managed service provider can't save one or two or three hours labor with these products.

So I firmly believe that these people are intentionally ripping me off.

Some People Value What You Do - Some Don't

A few weeks ago I wrote about hiring an electrician. I was completely suspicious of the low bidder because I valued the work that needed to be done. I chose the high bidder because I had faith that the work would be done. And I wrote a big check because that's what it takes to get the best.

One of the great principles of my business is that I do business with people I like. Another is that I do business with people who value what we do.

Recently, a client asked me to install some software that I think he doesn't need. It became a troublesome install. After 26 hours, the ticket was closed. I had a talk with the client because I felt guilty charging him for all that time.

He said, "I asked you to do it. Bill me."

That guy is my client because he values what I do.

I am honored that so many people in the SMB community appreciate what I do. And almost no one ever asks for a refund. But every once in awhile I feel truly ripped off. That happened recently.

It pissed me off and I spent hours trying to figure out what to do. I drafted various return policies and asked friends for advice.

In the end, the best advice came from my brother Manuel: Don't change a 20 year old policy. Just add a clause that says, "... unless you're found to be abusing this policy."

I sincerely thank you for your support.

It is because of your honesty and willingness to invest in our programs that we can continue to provide them.

Our "new" return policy is here:

I quote:

"Our policy is that we want you to be 100% happy. Any product sold on this site may be returned for a full refund, unless you abuse our good will. 

Those who buy an electronic product, download the contents, and immediately request a refund will not be granted a refund without a strong justification."

. . .

[set grumbling = off]



  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Great growth opportunity for sure! I completely agree with you Karl.
    Keep bringing the stuff my friend, we value it!!

    Daniel Ashurst

  2. The IRS rips you off for much more. Yet I like your approach. Well done.


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