Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Save Big Money Right Now on Robin Robins' IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp

Join Me In Nashville April 11-14 for Robin Robins' IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp.

If you sign up right now you'll get a free iPod loaded with all the presentations for the last two years. That's some awesome stuff!

Plus a copy of the MSP Online Marketing Toolkit

Plus save $500 right now!

Here are the deets from Robin:

- - - - -

Hey Karl,

Before you take off this week, please take 60 seconds to check this out...

We've recently opened registration for our annual IT Sales and Marketing Boot
Camp, which is our annual BIG event where the best and brightest IT business
owners, marketers and sales pros come to Nashville to share, collaborate and
learn fresh NEW strategies for marketing and selling IT Services (cloud, backup,
managed services, network upgrades and more):

But here's why you want to go to the above site before the holidays...

From now until December 31st, we're giving away a FREE iPod to the first 50 who
register, PRE-loaded with the audio recording of the last 2 years' Boot Camps...

...PLUS, I'll give you a free copy of the MSP Online Marketing Toolkit, which is a
marketing 101 course for any IT business who needs to do a better job marketing
online via their web site, e-mail, Facebook, SEO, Google AdWords, etc.

You can also get $500 off your ticket right now with Early Bird pricing:

Of course, the iPods will go fast and the MSP Online Toolkit will end on
December 31st. You can lock all this in with a flex pay plan AND we have a
BETTER than money-back guarantee on your registration.

If you have any entrepreneurial passion to really grow your business and start
generating serious profits, this event will give you tons of relevant ideas,
resources and the right direction you need to make that happen in 2012.

At least check it out:

Dedicated to your success,


- - - - -

See you in Nash-Vegas, Baby!


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