Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Three Days Left to Save Big on Robin Robins' Amazing Bootcamp

Got a memo from Robin this morning.

Please join me in Nashville. I will once again be on the panel to review the biggest, best marketing superstars of the year.

From Robin:

- - - - -

It just dawned on me that the deadline to get a FREE iPod and FREE Managed Services Online Marketing Toolkit is about to expire in 3 days (December 31st):

(Seriously, I was enjoying a bit too much holiday cheer and suddenly realized I hadn't sent you a reminder.)

When you register for this year's Boot Camp, you'll get:
-A free iPod pre-loaded with the audio of the previous 2-year's Boot Camps
-A free copy of the MSP Online Marketing Toolkit
-$500 off your registration

You'll also get these free bonuses from the speakers:
-The 10 Biggest Sales And Marketing Mistakes Everyone Is Making And How To Avoid Them
-Strategic Planning And Effects-Based Thinking
-Quality Score And Landing Page Testing For Google

I URGE you to attend...

This is THE best event in the world for getting real, tangible marketing advice and sales strategies that are specific to your IT services business. I HONESTLY cannot image why any intelligent person running an IT business would stay home and miss out on this - and I don't mean that as a slight. I really just can't image what excuse - other than death or other unforeseen crisis - would keep someone away!

For a small pittance of a fee, you're going to leave with dozens of PROVEN, actionable marketing and sales strategies you can INSTANTLY apply to secure more new clients, boost sales and profits...and it's all going to be handed to you! Seriously, where else can you get this?!?!?!

I've done everything I can to make this as easy as possible...from keeping the price very low to putting a full money-back guarantee on your registration AND travel. I've also invested over $75,000 to bring in the country's TOP experts on sales, marketing and business growth strategy. That's because I WANT you to go...not implementing and struggling is NOT an option for you as my client. No, I can't force you to do anything, but I'm giving my best effort to get you moving again.

I promise this will be a life-altering and business-changing event for you.

Register here:

Dedicated to your success,


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