Monday, December 05, 2011

New Coaching Program from Jenifer Landers

I've mentioned my Life Coach Jenifer before. Well, she sent me a special deal and I offered to pass it along.

What exactly is a "life coach" and do you need one? I started working with Jenifer about a year and a half ago. I wanted some help getting over a bump in my life. Of course it didn't seem like a bump to me at the time.

At times like that, a life coach helps you see things from a different perspective. You get some alternatives ways to see how the world is operating . . . and some challenges to consider, such as "How ELSE might this turn out?"

And once you get over a bump, the world looks different. In my case, I found it very useful to have a coach to help me see new opportunities in a new light. After all, once you start moving in a new direction, you might as well make the most of it.

- - - - -

I have referred some folks to Jenifer and they have been very pleased.

Now Jenifer has a special deal. Most of her clients connect by phone, so you don't have to be local. Here's her announcement:

What if your coach held you accountable every day?
December to February New Coaching Package

What if you could talk to me as often as you need?
It's 2012. Is your goal big enough?

Each Month You Get: One BIG session, PLUS the perfect amount of accountability.

2-hour Hands-on Session (BIG)   1 per month, 3 total
My office, or your office. Help with mind-mapping, action plans, vision process, new perspective for 2012, and all of what moves you forward.

15-minute Check-in Calls.   UNLIMITED.   2x per week? 3x? 5x?
What if you held your committmentand STAYED ON TR ACK?
What if your entire motivation and PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVED?
What is possible when you are completely HELD ACCOUNTABLE? Is your goal big enough?

Get Serious, it's time for your vision to REALLY HAPPEN.
Value: $1950


BONUS: Register by Friday 12/9  to save $225     Now $750
(Less than $300 per month to get what you want happening by March of 2012???    PRICELESS.)

This is my favorite time of year.
I love planning and visioning for the NEW YEAR.  Let's go!

This program takes place ONLYin the months of December 2011, January 2012 and February 2012.
You are entitled to the full package and can schedule all sessions up through February 28, 2012. 
Jenifer Novak Landers 


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