Thursday, December 08, 2011

I Need a Theme Song . . . And Your Help

I have a new cloud-based project brewing. Audio, of course.
So I need a theme song. Will you please help me?

Ideally, the song will have an instrumental break that lasts 20-120 seconds. Of course an instrumental song would work too.

I am going to buy licensing so I can use the music legally, so there's no worry on what song is picked. Very few songs are not available for licensing.

To recommend a song, please enter a comment below with this information:

- Song Title
- Artist (so I know which version you have in mind)
- Link, if you can find one, to YouTube, Pandora, etc.
- Relevant notes, such as why you think this is a good song for a podcast to I.T. Pros

Thank you to everyone!



  1. From the Clouds
    Jack Johnson

  2. Thanks, Steve. Not quite as memorable as Rush Limbaugh's theme though. :-)


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