Tuesday, December 06, 2011

HP Cloud Discovery Workshops - on the Next Cloud Services Roundtable

Join me tomorrow . . .
December 7, 20ll 9AM Pacific

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I'll be talking to Alan Wilson, VP & Managing Partner for Cloud and Converged Infrastructure Consulting for Technology Services for HP.

We'll discuss HP's hands-on cloud services, such as the HP Cloud Discovery Workshop, which helps business and technology decision-makers understand cloud computing concepts and risk factors to mobilize their teams for fast decision-making.

HP Cloud Discovery Workshop is the first step in the journey to building an Instant-On Enterprise. It designs a flexible technology environment that can effectively match service requirements with the best source — either traditional IT, private cloud, or public cloud.

We'll also talk about HP's new Cloud Protection Program - just announced last week!
Security is one of the greatest concerns hindering organizations from moving to a cloud environment, and it should be integrated into an overall cloud approach at multiple levels. HP offers a comprehensive

Cloud Protection Program across people, process, policies and technologies that delivers the comparable level of security for a hybrid cloud as a private internet-enabled IT environment.

HP Cloud Protection Center of Excellence (COE) offers an innovative lab environment that enables HP to test solutions as well as partner and third-party products that support cloud and virtualization protection to provide clients with innovative cloud security solutions.

As a major player in the hardware market, HP has a huge interest in the evolution of the servers that make up the Internet - and the Cloud. In addition, HP has a long history of providing excellent services as well as hardware.

Join us and find out how you can make money with HP's Cloud initiatives.

Register Now. https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/467808952

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