Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two Big Events - Migrating from SBS To The Cloud

Loving "Cloud Computing" - "Fly me to the moon . . ."

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KPEnterprises (Sacramento's premier technical support company) is actively developing cloud service offerings and selling them to our new and existing clients. We've developed a sweet little offering for micro clients (ten users and less).

So we've got some cool webinars and podcasts lined up to talk about it. Last month I did a webinar with MSPU that was an overview and introduction to moving to cloud services for the SMB Space. You can go download that right now at www.cloudservicesroundtable.com (in the member area).

That webinar is the first in a three part series called Migrating from SBS to the Cloud - Part 1 = The View from 20,000 Feet.

I have two more events this week along these lines:

Tuesday April 13th:
Migrating from SBS to the Cloud, Part 2 = Options, Hardware, Software, and Service Considerations
1 PM Pacific / 4 PM Eastern
Register at: MSPU's Live Training Page

The first installment is intended to be a good overview of how you move functions from in-house to the cloud. If you've read The Network Migration Workbook then the basic flow will make sense. We're going to migrate one thing at a time.

I identify 18 core functions of the basic small business and talk about how you can choose to move these to one (or more) of three cloud options. I've talked before about the cloud options before:

- Internet cloud services (reselling someone else's hosted services)

- Partner-hosted cloud services (inside your data center/colo)

- On-premise cloud services (e.g., Zenith's Smart Style or something you designed yourself)

This week's installment looks at the process of choosing the and services that you'll bundle together in your offerings. I'll give examples from my company's cloud service offerings and show you how they compare to non-cloud services for our clients.

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Wednesday April 14th
Cloud Services Roundtable: Karl Talks About Specific Offerings and Plans
9 AM Pacific / 12 N Eastern
Register now for Free: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/635083121

KPEnterprises started selling cloud-based offerings (and calling them that) in January. We've been blogging and talking about these offerings for years. Now we're ready to share some sample offerings with the SMB Consulting community.

That means sales materials, discussion points for clients, configurations, and migration processes. We're going to try to cram it all into 60 minutes! I won't attempt to be very unbiased here. That means I'll talk about the specifics of what we're doing, including brand names.

KPEnterprises is offering some cloud-based services, including hosted Exchange, hosted servers, "Managed Storage," off site backup, serverless office, and combinations with a small server (e.g., MS Foundation Server, WHS) onsite and other services in the cloud.

Is it profitable? Yes. One client recently went from "classic" Platinum managed service to hosted Exchange and Managed Storage. Their monthly bill went down about $130 and our cost for delivery of all services went down 90%. Gulp. I can do that all day.

Join us for the specifics . . .

(This is an audio only program.)

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Please join me for one or both of these events. They are free and open if you listen live. Ideally, both will be recorded and made available as soon as we can.


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