Thursday, April 29, 2010

Microsoft Finance had a New Financial Partner

In case you didn't get the missive from Microsoft yesterday, they've got a new partner for the Microsoft Financing program. By my count that's three partners in the last three years. Whatever. The program is live and well with obvious new funding.

Highlights for the SMB space:

- $3k minimum
- Minimum of 10% must be licensing
- Covers hardware, software, and install labor

Bottom line: Your new small biz install should continue to work well with this program!

Here's the official announcement:

- - - - -

Dear Valued Partner,

We are pleased to announce that the Microsoft Financing team has established a relationship with PNC Equipment Finance, that will enhance the financing options and services available to partners and customers in the US SMS&P commercial business sector.

PNC Equipment Finance provides an experienced sales force that can support channel partners with simple, easy-to-use, and affordable financing solutions with the purpose of helping customers obtain customized payment structures to fit their needs.

Notable new services include:
- Facilitate the financing of software, services (such as deployment), and hardware, so the financing can be managed as one investment.
- Extended Payment Terms are now available for EA's-which allows for unmatched financing flexibility.
- Enhanced self-service capabilities with Customer Autoscoring capabilities for deals up to $100,000 USD
- Online status tracking of financing deals
- Alert system that notifies SMS&P Partners of application status throughout the various stages of the loan process
- Readiness resources for MS Financing Program content on Partner Portal -

Increase Your Incremental Revenue Opportunities to Drive Larger Deal Sizes!
Program Basics:
- Competitive fixed-rate loans are available with flexible payment options for any license type.
- Typically financing arrangements will go up to 24-60 months, depending on the financing program.
- Low minimum size (min. USD$3k); and no maximum. Partner/Customer must be credit approved.
- Customer's total financed amount must contain a minimum of 10% Microsoft products or services, including taxes.
- PNC Equipment Finance uses prudent, industry standard lending terms and procedures.

These capabilities allow the Microsoft Financing team to deliver efficient and outstanding customer service. You can learn more about how to put the power of financing into your sales and marketing activities by visiting

- - - - -

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