Friday, April 30, 2010

Just Four Weeks Til IT Pro Conference 2010

Please consider joining me in New Orleans . . . The time to sign up is now!

Got a note from my buddy Jeff Middleton this morning. Here's the basics: IT Pro Conference 2010
May 27-30, 2010 in New Orleans

Session topics: (look for updates too!)

Major Sponsors include:

- eFolder
- BackupAssist
- Microsoft

Speakers from Worldwide:

Why do speakers and attendees fly in from across the USA as well as Australia, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Canada? All for this unique conference with less than 200 people each year, it's a special event. It's the experience here... the people, the sessions, and the top IT Pros sharing what works and how they use that information as a consultant.

The participants here are a special group, leaders in the SMB industry, experts in SBS and related products, security, Exchange, desktop management and now we are also looking at the coming opportunity for cloud computing.

eFolder Pre-Day Product Launch!

Join eFolder as they officially launch their new business continuity appliance (BDR), which provides near-continuous bare-metal backups, instant virtualization of failed servers (< 60 seconds), and site-to-site and off site replication. eFolder's CEO/CTO will personally introduce the product and provide hand-on demonstrations, training, and Q&A. Visit for additional product details and RSVP information.

Learn about New Products Roll-out

Swing Migration from is the top solution for SBS, or course, you knew that. Yet, with or without SBS in your plans...we still have your solution!

Did you know is your solution source for ANY migration of infrastructure or Windows and Exchange replacements? Through our "custom" project support and on-demand documentation, we've worked a remarkably wide number of scenarios to complex or unique for a standard Swing It!! Kit...until now.

May 2010 we are introducing a new set of Swing It!! Kits for non-SBS environments and multi-server hybrid project situations that are becoming very common. Same "nothing to undo" concepts, same step-by-step outlines, plus our outstanding support. We will be announcing these new products and presenting details at the conference in May to introduce these exciting new Swing It!! Kit solutions.

Still have questions? Contact Jeff Middleton. [email protected]

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