Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cloud Offering Specifics: What KPE is Doing Today

Okay. Let me repeat. Cloud. Cloud. Cloud. Cloud. Cloud. Cloud. Cloud.

Some of "The Cloud" is old stuff with a new name. Example: Hosting.

Some of "The Cloud" is super-cool out-there stuff that's totally on the cutting edge.

Some of "The Cloud" is vapor ware that may or may not ever come into existence.

[Side note cuz . . . well, cuz it's my blog . . .

I had a long conversation with an MVP I respect tremendously who reminded me that being privy to inside stuff at Microsoft is really cool until you tell people about what's about to happen and Microsoft suddenly changes their mind, discontinues a product, or cancels something they are about to release.

But that hasn't happened for over a month, so let's just ignore the vaporware for now and talk about things that really do exist today and what you really can offer your clients right now.]

Please join me on the Cloud Services Roundable Wednesday April 14th when we talk about Why My Company Is Offering Today: Karl Talks About Specific Offerings and Plans.

April 14th
9:00 AM Pacific
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KPEnterprises started selling cloud-based offerings (and calling them that) in January. We've been blogging and talking about these offerings for years. Now we're ready to share some sample offerings with the SMB Consulting community.

That means sales materials, discussion points for clients, configurations, and migration processes. We're going to try to cram it all into 60 minutes! Product names, descriptions, costs, prices, etc. We're going to expose it all.

KPEnterprises is offering some cloud-based services, including hosted Exchange, hosted servers, "Managed Storage," offsite backup, serverless office, and combinations with a small server (e.g., MS Foundation Server) onsite and other services in the cloud.

Is it profitable? Yes. One client recently went from "classic" Platinum managed service to hosted Exchange and Managed Storage. Their monthly bill went down about $130 and our cost for delivery of all services went down 90%. Gulp. I can do that all day.

Join us for the specifics . . .

April 14th
9:00 AM Pacific
Register now for Free: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/635083121

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  1. Technically speaking if you are privy to inside stuff you are probably under NDA and not supposed to tell anyone anyway :-)

    There's always a push/pull between the Apple model of products (no info, no insider knowledge) and Microsoft.

    It's wiser to not say and then when it doesn't ship, it never was supposed to ship.


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