Monday, February 01, 2010

Building Your Own Cloud Service Offering

Join us this Wednesday, Feb. 3rd for the Next big Cloud Services Roundtable: Designing Your Own Cloud Offerings with Steve Winter from Ergos Technology in Houston, TX.

Steve has built an entire hosted cloud service for his clients. A lot of decisions went into that build. We'll investigate how he made those decisions and learn about what it takes to build an in-house infrastructure for cloud services.

Preview Podcast: Listen to the radio show Ergos recently did on Cloud Computing (dated 1/18/10).

Contact info on Steve Winter:
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The new Cloud Services Roundtable project provides broadcasts, podcasts, and supporting materials related to the collection of technologies known as Cloud Services.

On February 17th we have a special guest who is one of the thought leaders on cloud services in the SMB Space. He has asked me to delay announcing him appearance until he makes a public announcement about his company's offerings. Stay tuned.

On the First and Third Wednesdays of each month, we produce a live conference call broadcast. This broadcast will be available to anyone for free. You don't need an account here. Just find the listing of upcoming broadcasts and register.

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If you would rather listen on YOUR schedule whenever it's convenient for you, you can subscribe to the members-only area. This area will include all recorded podcasts as well as any related materials such as workbooks or PowerPoint slides.

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