Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful . . ."


So I'm trying to get to Nashville and the home of some awesome music.

I get a call from American Airlines. I only mention the name because they're liars.

My flight is cancelled. Because of the weather. Cross winds.

But 1) they called me last night when the weather hadn't happened yet! (It still hasn't)

2) Sacramento is calm and beautiful

3) Houston is calm and beautiful

4) Nashville is calm and beautiful

5) None of the other airlines are cancelling flights. So their cross winds must be okay.

Why lie?

I'm actually not upset, although I could see how you might read it that way. I just don't understand why they give such a lame excuse.

Why not say "I don't know"?

I never hassle the messenger in such circumstances. She doesn't know. And she's not REALLY the liar, although she can't possibly believe what she says.

So she re-routes me through Minneapolis on a different airline. Northwest is not experiencing cross winds.

Sadly, I won't be at the Grand Ole Opry tonight.

Cross Winds.


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