Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jeff Middleton on SMB Conference Call Wednesday

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April 1, 2009

9:00 AM Pacific Time

Jeff Middleton -- Mr. Migration
SBS Migration / SBSMigration.com

Swing Migrator, Microsoft MVP, Conference Organizer, Author, and all Around Nice Guy

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Join Jeff and me as we discuss Migration Strategies for SBS 2008 (and other things, too).

SBS 2008 is pretty fresh on the landscape. SBS 2003 has been an amazing product! So how do we move clients from '03 to '08? More importantly, how do you make this move?

We'll discuss strategies -- both technical and strategic.

Join us April 1st.

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More Info on Jeff:
- www.sbsmigration.com

Also Check Out our Interview with Jeff from last year at:

SMB Conference Call #6


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