Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Star is Born - Max Uptime

Awhile back Matt Makowicz( recommended a site to me called 99 Designs.

It's a site where you can host a contest for creative works. For example, Matt has used this site to have book covers, business cards, and company logos created.

We used it to find our Promotion Monkey logo. We are very pleased with the final logo on that one.

NOW we come to a turning point in the history of Great Little Books . . .

The redesign of our logo.

I hope you're all aware of the little robot dude that has graced the cover of our books for the last few years.

Cute, eh?

Well, once again we have design "issues." Robo Dude 1.0 has served us well. We've sold thousands of books with his assistance.

But just like our old web site . . . No one loves him as much as I do. My wife thinks he's too clip-arty. Most of the staff don't like him. He's too "old school" in a new school world.

So, we held a contest for a new mascot to use on the new book.

Please see

There you'll see many of the designs that were submitted. Designers can remove their designs at any time, so you won't see all the art that was submitted for the contest.

After a week of reviewing and feedback, we decided on this little Robo Dude:

So what do you think?

Is this the new, better, mascot for Great Little Book Publishing Co., Inc.?

Comments welcome.

Also: We'll take any recommendations for names. Right now we're referring to him as Max -- Max Uptime.


Visit for great books and other resources.

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  1. Clever name. Raise the roof Max! You could always do a retro throwback every now and then to bring robodude back. I thought he was clip artsy at first but he does kind of grow on you.


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