Monday, March 16, 2009

Handy Andy and GFI Are Seeking Your Input

MVP "Handy Andy" Goodman has accepted a position on an International Advisory Board to help the new management at GFI reinvent themselves and align their products and partner program more directly with the SMB space.

And Andy's got a request for all of us:

    "If you have had good or bad experience with any of the GFI Products or interactions with GFI as a partner, please drop me a line personally at [email protected] and let me know about your experiences. I would really appreciate it.

    Also although I am not tech support nor a salesman for GFI, if any of you are having current issues with a product or partner interaction, feel free to contact me personally and I will you get some immediate attention.

    Look for great things to come from GFI over the next 6 months to a year for your customers and your business."

Andy also notes that he'll be heading to Texas for the SMB Summit. Yee-haw!

As for GFI reinventing themselves, Andy reports that the advisory board will probably be about 13 members strong when they get done. They are called the Elite Technology Team, or ETT for short. Andy was the first to be appointed and reports that Amy Babinchak was the second.

But he says he isn't willing to "out" the other members.

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