Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Help ChannelPro Magazine Help You

There aren't many magazines focused squarely on the SMB space. ChannelPro is one of them.

Whether you read it online or in print, you'll see a lot of familiar faces and topics there.

As you probably know, print media are becoming harder to maintain and justify when everyone gets their data online. ChannelPro is no different.

BUT this is one organization that is making a real effort to provide good content specifically in our space. They are meeting with technicians and business owners. They're helping to put on the SMB Summit conference this year.

Plus they have a super online component. So which I call it a magazine, it's also a web site. Check it out at www.channelprosmb.com.

ChannelPro also does surveys every month to help determine how their audience is addressing specific technologies. This will obviously assist in future editorial content.

Read more on Michael Siggins' Blog.

Why the pimp?

Well, it's pretty simple. I'm a real believer that we need to deal with companies that have strong channels and loyalty to their partners.

ChannelPro has engaged several "real" consultants and Small Business Specialists to help them provide content and perspective on the topics they cover. They are also committed to helping with this year's SMB Summit (May 15-17).

As a general rule, we should support organizations that support us.

Check them out. Fill out the survey.

Maybe you'll win something!


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