Saturday, November 01, 2008

Blog Rolling Part III

The Blog Roll continues some more.

You can't follow every blog or every web site on the Internet. Most people don't try. If you do try, people will come up to you and ask "where do you find the time?"

I certainly can't follow every blog. So I try to keep in touch with a variety blogs, hoping to find a variety of opinions and information.

As a blogger, I can tell you that it is hard to keep up sometimes. At times there doesn't seem to be much news about technology. Or certification. Or SBS. Or business. But when one of these is quiet, another one will likely be more active. I think most people should be able to follow 5-10 blogs.

That doesn't mean you read every word, but at least the headlines. It's kind of like reading the newspaper. You scan the headlines and then read the articles that look interesting.

Here are a few more that I try to keep up on:

Stuart Crawford / Computer Network Leadership Management /
Stuart is a real leader among SMB consultants and mentors. He has other blogs as well. This is the primary one, so it's the one we link to here. In addition to great information overall, you'll find a nicely Canadian perspective on Stuart's blog.

Arlin Sorensen / Peer Power /
A long-time leader in the SBS and SMB space, Arlin is the founder of the HTG Peer Groups. You'll find that most of the blogger on my blog roll are members of one of the HTG peer groups. Arlin is one of the first SMB community leaders I met at SMB Nation 2004. A successful consultant with a great set of community values.

The Microsoft EMEA SBS Blog /
Factory fresh and official home of SBS knowledge in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. A very practical and technical focus from the EMEA group. Nicely done, overall.

Vijay Riyait / IQubed /
Another anonymous blog. Vijay is a great resource for news from a UK perspective. Lots of good info on what's happening AND what it means to you.

Erick Simpson / MSP University Managed Service /
One of the true leaders in the SMB community. Erick provides a variety of news and best practices. In particular, you'll find information on a variety of things that aren't being reported anywhere else. Erick travels very widely across the SMB World. And he shares that with you.

Dave Sobel / Evolutionary Business Thoughts /
Dave's blog started as a client-facing blog, and probably still has some content in that direction. But Dave has also provided a lot of great information about Virtualization, Virtual machines, Virtual servers, and Virtual machines. Great stuff.

- - - - -

That's it for now.

I'll revisit the blog roll from time to time and add or remove blogs as needed. I hope you find it useful.


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