Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Response Point Book Available at SMB Books

Had a chat with Harry Brelsford this morning about Response Point.

We now have Harry's latest book - Microsoft Response Point Primer - in stock. This is the 16th book Harry has either authored or co-authored.

As Harry describes it, this book is 1/3 technical and 2/3 business related.

We talked about it on the phone this morning. Listen to 13 minutes of that conversation over at SMB Books. Among other things, Harry reveals

- 24 undocumented "hacks" to Response Point
- Connecting speakers to an RP system to use as an intercom
- The new Telephonation web site and community
- Preliminary thoughts on certification
- and more!

Now THAT's a fun-filled 13 minutes!

Check it out.

Then check out the new book.

Thanks, Harry.


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