Monday, October 05, 2020

You May Have Missed This . . .

If you only read this blog, you may have missed some of the other stuff I do. I put a list of recent activities in my weekly newsletter (signup here)

But here's the really weird part: I estimate that about 10% of those who follow something I do are subscribed to my weekly email. So for all the rest of you, here are a few things you may have missed . . .

Small Biz Thoughts Blog:

The ASCII Group Appoints Jessie Devine as Director of Channel Development 

Documentation and the E-Myth  

Is Upgrading a Line of Business App Included in Managed Service? 

Relax Focus Succeed Blog:

Never Stop Learning 

Success is a Habit 

You Need Rules for Success

SMB Community Podcast:

How Security Awareness can Finally Start Working for MSPs 

Vendor Fatigue? Here’s a better way to manage your technology stack

Monetizing the IoT opportunity through monitoring connected devices and IoT systems

The Killing IT Podcast:

Episode 79 – Dark Web Arrests, Underwater Servers Update, and Microsoft RMM

Episode 78 – Disrupting higher ed, expanding broadband, and Section 230 revisited

Episode 77 – Smart Devices in Court Evidence and Bitcoin Electricity Usage

Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community:

SBT Technology Community News - October (video)

2021: Year of Intention – Class and Workbook – Members Only

Jay McBain Joins Us for the Next SBT Roundtable!

YouTube Videos for IT

SOP: Financial Reports - Weekly, Monthly, Annual

SOP: Do You Really Need That Tool?

SOP: Registering Client Software and Hardware

YouTube Videos for Relax Focus Succeed

Expose Yourself to New Ideas

Balance Never Happens by Itself

Thinking Differently About Success

Classes! Great Little Seminars - 5-Week Classes

Managed Services in a Month - Applying the Book - Starts Oct. 20th

Automate Your Accounting with QuickBooks Online and Integrated Apps - Starts Nov. 24th

Powerhouse of One: Be a Super Successful Sole Proprietor - Starts Jan. 12th, 2021

. . . More to come!

There's always more to come. Connect with me on all these platforms.

. . . And have a great October.

- Karlp


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