Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Why You Should Join this CompTIA Community

I am honored to be on the Executive Council of the CompTIA Advancing Tech Talent and Diversity Community.

CompTIA is always helping technology professionals to increase their skills. (Everyone knows about the CompTIA exams, and they're even used as curriculum guides for many schools.)

There are plenty of communities at CompTIA. I belong to several. After all, I want to see what's happening with managed services, security, drones, emerging technologies, etc. But I'm on the EC Advancing Tech Talent and Diversity Community because I want to be actively involved in helping people get into tech jobs, move up in tech jobs, and promote a more inclusive environment all around.

Some people believe there's not much you can do about "diversity" in a very small company. But as an industry, there's a lot we can do. It starts with making sure we have good training programs and onboarding. But the most important piece is making sure that talented people stay. When talented people feel that tech jobs and tech conferences are "not for them," they take their talents somewhere else.

I personally know several people, including people close to me, who have chosen not to go into tech-related fields because they didn't want to feel out of place. These are people with great skills, high SAT scores, and amazing ambition. Personally, I think we as an industry lose out when we close the doors and make people feel unwelcome.

Please check out the videos below. Nothing too exciting, but we're trying to let folks know what we're up to.

And then wander over to our page at CompTIA:

Join us! Get on the list and stay informed about upcoming events, webinars, podcasts, and more.

Meet Community Leader: Yvette Steele, Directory of Member Communities

And here's a quick "Why we joined the EC" video with Paige Reh and me.

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