Monday, April 29, 2019

Cloud Readiness Checklist V3 - Free Update

I've had a Cloud Readiness Checklist available - for free - since 2010. I updated it about five years ago. And again this month.

Of course you can buy the new book - Cloud Services in a Month - and get the checklist there. But you can also download the newest version for FREE at SMB Books.


Karl's Cloud Readiness Checklist was designed for technology consultants to use when evaluating whether their clients are ready for cloud services. It's also a great starting place for designing cloud service offerings that are just right for your clients.

This checklist is FREE for the taking. No credit card required. (Yes, you get on our mailing list. But you might just like that. If not, nuke it. We're not easily offended.)

The checklist has two parts. First: What products and services are you ready to offer in the cloud?

and Second: Evaluate whether a specific client is ready for cloud services.

And, yes, there's a whole lot more than bandwidth to consider. In fact, with most hosted services, bandwidth is almost an irrelevant consideration.

Anyway, download the checklist today. You can always fine-tune it for use in your business.


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