Thursday, January 11, 2018

Webinar - Managed Services in a Month Peer Teams

This morning, on my 9th Annual State of the Nation address for small business IT, we announced the formation of Managed Services in a Month Peer Teams - in association with Bering McKinley.

What are "Managed Services in a Month" Branded Peer Teams? Basically, these are peer groups focused around the ideas and strategies outlined in the 3rd edition of Managed Services in a Month (MSIAM) - and in my other writings on processes and procedures.

The idea is to start with MSIAM as a framework for improving your business.

Questions? Of course!

Join Josh Peterson and me on Wednesday, January 17th for a live webinar. We'll explain the whole concept, introduce pricing, and answer all your questions. Register Here.

-- This event was recorded. Recording is here:

More information also available at Bering McKinley.

Bering McKinley is a Management Consulting firm specializing in IT Solution Providers. They have over ten years experience in consulting owners and staff of IT Firms. They proudly provide Blue Chip consulting to small business. Since they only focus on one industry, they have in-depth expertise in all three business units: Sales, Service, and Finance.

Josh Peterson has more than 14 years of management consulting experience.  He has run Bering McKinley for five years, focusing very heavily on the most important challenges facing managed service providers.

Josh is also very active as a Peer Team leader. Bering McKinley Peer Teams focus on accountability and constant improvement. He has helped over a thousand companies move to a higher level of success.

. . . Now he's bringing all that focus on success to the Managed Services in a Month Peer Teams.

This morning I also posted a 30 minute interview with Josh over at You can check out the podcast there or just watch the video here.

Watch this video to learn more right now:

Then register for the live webinar January 17th - where we'll answer all your questions.

Or just Join a MSIAM Peer Team right now!!!

See you then.


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