Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Managed Services in a Month - Now on Amazon

At last! Amazon has found the newest version of Managed Services in a Month!

They haven't put a graphic to it yet. But they will. We have no control over how they list or price our books.

And the saddest part is . . .

Book reviews do not carry forward from previous non-fiction editions!

That means I have zero reviews. Will you please do me a favor? If you have anything positive to say about Managed Services in a Month, please post a quick review here:


The same goes for the Kindle Edition, here:


Thank you!

Notice the Kindle edition is linked on Amazon and has the front page graphic. I have no explanation. :-)

- - - - -

And if you have nothing positive to say, please click below and enjoy these cute and humorous animal videos:


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