Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Save Big with "Karl777" Discount for Bering McKinley Sales and Service Retreat in Las Vegas!

A while back I blogged about Bering McKinley's big Sales and Service retreat.

Well, they've set up a discount just for folks who read this blog.

Enter the code Karl777 at registration and receive $100 discount off the already great price for this seminar.

FREE Two Nights Stay at LINQ® Las Vegas*
+ 5 Jam-Packed Sessions in Sales, Service, Finance, and Culture + Parties + Lunches and MORE!

Las Vegas
February 5-6, 2018

This event delivers a jam-packed agenda across two and a half days with 5 breakout sessions led by industry experts and unparalleled networking opportunities starting on Sunday’s Superbowl kick-off and extending through Tuesday afternoon’s farewell wrap-up.

Excel your business acumen by attending our five critical pillars for growing your business.
Superbowl party, hotel rooms, High Roller happy hour and daily lunch are all included in the registration fee (while supplies last). 

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn, network and up your business game in 2018.

Let’s start this retreat on the right foot with our 3rd Annual BIG GAME at THE VEGAS SPORTS BOOK IN THE LINQ® . We will be taking bets to see which team will win. We will have complimentary specialty drinks, prizes and more!

Presenter: Josh Peterson, Bering McKinley

We’ll be training you on the 14 Key Financial Metrics. You don’t need 100’s of crazy micro detailed numbers. You need the fundamentals and you need to know the benchmarks. Oh, by the way, these are THE ONLY NUMBERS IN THE INDUSTRY you can trust. They are pulled right from your Quickbooks. No easily manipulated spreadsheets to skew the results. 

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