Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Point Your Clients to this IoT Explanation

One of my other blogs - Consultant or Amateur - is designed to be a place you can point your clients and say, "See. This guy's telling you the same thing I am." It's basically technical advice your client will understand. And it can help you convince them to make the right decisions about technology.

I just posted a new item there: Setting up an Internet of Things network. It's entitled "IOT - Internet of Things Basics for Small Business."

My advice is to isolate the IoT devices to a separate network segment. I give a very basic diagram and discuss the possibility of adding a firewall to separate the traffic.

But I'm also clear that business owners should contact YOU - their network professional - to help them find the right solution. I don't mention all the options because there are too many. For example, if they have the right firewall already, you can simply create a VLAN.

My goal here is to provide a site you can safely send your clients to, without fear that I'll try to get their business. I don't want their business. I want YOU to keep reading this blog. :-)

Your feedback is always welcome.


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