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Amazing Collection of FREE Stuff From Synnex and Vendors

John over at Synnex sent me an email so amazing I had to ask him before I shared it.

He said yes. Here's a list of goodies that should keep you busy through Christmas.

More info at

Now check this out:

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I first sent out this list last August.  Many resellers have asked me to send out a new updated list. So here it is. The first section is SYNNEX related free offerings and the second section is vendor related.  I hope that there are many free offerings on here that you can use and that they can help assist you in growing your business and increasing your profitability.  Please keep as a reference and contact the people and groups on this list or your inside sales rep if you need any assistance.  --JP

Free Offerings at SYNNEX

Ø  Free Pre-Sales Tech Support  [email protected]  or dial 800-756-2888
Ø  Free Vulnerability Assessments - 1 to 5 seats SKU 4945873 contact [email protected]
Ø  Free Wireless Predictive Site Surveys SKU 4945874 contact [email protected]
Ø  Free Physical Security Design Services SKU 4945875 contact [email protected]
Ø  Free Digital Signage Design Services SKU 4945876 contact [email protected]
Ø  Free ProAV Site Assessment/Design Services SKU 4945877 contact [email protected]
Ø  Free Video Conferencing Design Services SKU 4945878 contact [email protected]
Ø  Free Virtual Inventory report of data center, network devices, and workstations connected to a domain. SKU 4945880 contact [email protected]
Ø  Free Chrome White Glove Assessment SKU 4945882 contact [email protected]
Ø  Free One Device to One Student Assessment SKU 4945881 contact [email protected]
Ø  Coming Soon! Free Microsoft InTune Provisioning Assessment SKU 4945878 contact [email protected]
Ø  Free membership into our Cloud CommunityBy joining this community, you will receive the following benefits:
o   Ability to network and collaborate with top cloud vendors, born in the cloud resellers, and SYNNEX cloud experts.
o   Access to monthly webinars which highlight top cloud vendors that teach how to sell a total cloud solutions to your customers
o   Invitations to 8 cloud focused roadshows hosted at vendor sites where you will learn about total cloud solutions & network
o   Access to the SYNNEX CLOUDSolv portal for quick and easy order management
o   Access to exclusive vendor promotions = More money in your pocket
o   Access to the CLOUDSolv Community forum where you can access, discuss, and get valuable cloud focused business information
o   To join the Cloud community, please click on this link  or contact Ashley Smith at 864 349 4082 [email protected] for additional information.
Ø  Free membership into our Advanced Technology Solutions Community:  includes free web classes, Security Playbook, exclusive discounts on security trainings and exam certs. To join, email the Cybersecurity Partner Care Team at [email protected] and complete registration survey
Ø  Free Government/Education Digital Navigator Tools- See all State & Local Government and Education bids in every state. What is on the bid, when the bid is due, and the contact person.  This is a $3500 a year per seat value.  Contact Francis Lim at [email protected] for a login and password to be able to access both sites.
Ø  SYNNEX GOVSolv- free access to procurement contracts, free consulting, free bid desk, free proposal support.  Reach out to [email protected] and [email protected]
Ø  Free access to RENEWSolv:
o   Our online web-based platform provides you with an aggregated view of your customer’s services, warranty and renewal opportunities
o   Customer ready, reseller branded quotes available to drive demand, publish to their customers and influence purchase
o   Our RENEWSolv Sales and support team, business development experts to assist with winning and closing deals
o   To get set up please dial 855-851-7437 or email [email protected]   
Ø  Free Flooring Program- We offer up to $250k credit lines and free 60-day flooring options via DLL
Ø  Free “Microsoft in the Classroom” half-day end user experiences for resellers to offer to school districts.  Also, free monthly webinars for readiness, promotions, updates, etc. Can also provide reseller-specific webinars for sales teams or end users. Contact Julie Nelson [email protected] to schedule.
Ø  Free One-to-One Readiness Assessment.  This engagement is designed to quickly and accurately assess a school or districts readiness for a one-to-one program for technology in the classroom. [email protected]
Ø  Free Physical Security Training Webinars- These trainings have already occurred and have been recorded.
o   Surveillance 101
o   Surveillance 102
o   Camera Selection
o   Storage for Surveillance
o   Storage Methods and Best Practices
o   Click on this link to listen to the webinars:

Vendor Freebies:
Ø  3M – Free privacy filter samples for test fit or demos, and/or for customer’s devices. Register and request them here… or contact Chris Burrell at 864 373 7557 [email protected]
Ø  ASUS- Free White Glove Service when you buy a Virtual Reality Kit. This is an all in one Virtual Reality kit that includes free white glove service for an out of box experience.  Schools can unpack and an entire class can begin a virtual field trip. Contact Kim Dillard at 864 349 4673 [email protected]
Ø  Aruba-
o   Free Presales Support [email protected]
o   Free virtual site surveys, Wireless Designs,  and Heat Maps [email protected]
o   Free Competitive Displacement quotes [email protected]
o   Free Demo Equipment for wired and wireless [email protected]
o   Free onboarding and enablement program for new Aruba partners – [email protected]
Ø  Barracuda- Free Email Threat Scanner for O365/Exchange Online Environments and Free 30 day trial license on all Barracuda Essentials for O365. Contact Ashley Davis at [email protected]
Ø  Black Box- Free pre and post technical support 24/7/365. Free freight on all laptop carts and lockers.
Ø  Blocksi-free demo accounts. Contact Heather Harlos 864 349 4191 or [email protected]
Ø  Checkpoint-   Access to Marketing funds, Access to training/certification vouchers.  Contact Ashley Davis at [email protected]
Ø  Cyberpower- Free Partner program at
o   Rewards Program - Earn points for prizes and merchandise
o   Leads Network - Get new opportunities emailed to you
o   Partner Portal - The info and support you need to win more business
o   Risk-Free Demo Program - Allow customers to try before they buy
o   Extended Return Privileges - Return products for up to one year
o   5% Discount
Ø  Cyren- has a free highly effective Web Security Diagnostic tool that can leveraged as an instant online test to identify possible vulnerabilities to Internet threats both for internal purposes and to begin the engagement with customers. For discussions about channel engagement contact [email protected].  
Ø  Cyren- is also providing a FREE 30 day trial account now here, for organizations interested in testing the solution and aligning on GTM strategy with our team. For a comprehensive partnership discussion and access to their web and email security hosted GAP analysis and partner enablement during your trial account contact [email protected]
Ø  DELL- Free client computing and networking demo gear. Email [email protected] for eligible products and terms. Free pre-sales support for custom configuration building, Free training on networking portfolio.
Ø  Docker-free access to the demo lab. Contact Heather Harlos 864 349 4191 or [email protected]
Ø  Dropbox- partnering with SYNNEX as a Dropbox reseller will give you access to FREE INTERNAL USE LICENSES and access to FREE Dropbox online training (Services Track, Support Track, Technical Track, Reseller Sales Track)
o   Access to manage your customer’s accounts
o   Contact [email protected]
Ø  DYMO- Free tech support
Ø  Fortinet- Free Try and Buy program. Reseller can try the appliance for 30 days from receipt with the option to return after that. Contact Joe Fletcher 864 373 7530 or [email protected]
Ø  Google- Chromebook and Chromebook for Meetings Demo kits that can be checked out free for two weeks.  Click here: ChromeDemoKitRequestForm
Ø  Google- Chrome and G Suite Teams offer free weekly webinars.  To register please see below Events calendar!
Ø  Google- The Google Chrome SYNNEX team will provide free 1:1 trainings specific to your business needs.  To schedule please contact Crystal Hale 864 349 4049 [email protected] or [email protected]
Ø  Hanwha Techwin- Free security case studies and “How To” videos.
Ø  HPE Storage- Free StoreOnce NinjaProtected backup assessment.  Free competitive displacement configurations.  Contact your HPE rep.
o   Free Freight on all HP Personal Systems Drop shipments from HP
o   Free Net 60 days with DLL Flooring
o   Risk Free Care Packs- If the reseller sells these RISK FREE care packs and the end user doesn’t make a service call on the care pack, the end user can GET A FULL REFUND ON up to 20 care packs! Plus $10 reseller spiff on these care packs. Also a Free upgrade to 24/7 USA tech support on all HP PSG Care packs too!
o   Free care pack registration
o   Free HP Spiff Report furnished by SYNNEX(sign up for it on EC Express)
Ø  Lenovo-Free freight on all orders that are drop shipped form Lenovo, free auto registering of warranties, Free Registration and attendance to Lenovo Lives (Informative sessions around Lenovo product based throughout US and conducted by a Lenovo Ambassador), Free Demo Program of Lenovo Systems for 15 business days*, Free monthly webinars conducted by Lenovo Ambassadors and Engineers and a free laptop or tablet is given away during these webinars. Contact Aleta Tate at 864 349 4884 [email protected]
Ø  Lenovo- Lenovo Support & Protect PCB Promo Bundles include FREE Premier Support and provide an enhanced customer experience in one easy to sell bundle.  Deeper discounts and lucrative spiffs are available for qualified reseller partners.   Service and warranty attach and renewal quotes are ready and available in the SYNNEX RENEWSolv platform. Access your RENEWSolv Lenovo quotes with your EC Express login. 
Ø  Microsoft Azure- Free Azure Trainings
Ø  Microsoft Education: Low-cost Windows 10 device Demo Kits that can be checked out for two weeks [email protected]
Ø  Microsoft Education: Free year of Minecraft: Education Edition with the purchase of any Windows 10 device for academic institutions
Ø  Microsoft Surface- Demo Kit that can be checked out for 10 days. Contact [email protected] for more details. Also Free monthly webinars that cover promotions, technical information, etc. Can also provide reseller-specific webinars to train your internal sales teams.  Contact Shannon Kilcoyne 864 349 4688 or [email protected]  
Ø  Malwarebytes- FREE Partner Program. The partnership registration can be completed on this quick, click-through reseller agreement that will auto-renew and not require further signatures:  Registered partners have access to NFR keys for internal use, instant trial keys for customers, sales collateral, marketing materials, deal registration (an additional 20% margin!!), and more via the partner portal. Resellers can reach out to Morgan Trickett directly at 864 373 7374 [email protected]   or [email protected] with any questions regarding the partnership or to discuss current offerings.
Ø  Panasonic- free freight on all orders over $25k that are drop shipped from Panasonic.  Toll free number to your Panasonic team – 855-659-8823
Ø  Plantronics- Free Demo gear and pre/post sales tech support. Contact Calhoun Taylor 864 373 7582 or [email protected]
Ø  Quantum-
o   Free Library with Competitive Takeout. Scalar i3 included with purchase of a DXi4700/6900 system
o   Free Library with Competitive Takeout. Free library, install and media with drive/options purchase
o   FREE Media with Scalar i6/i500/i6000 Offers. 40 pieces free media per LTO-7 drive; 20 pieces per LTO-5/6
o   20TB FlexTier Free. Additional 20TB free when buying any quantity of FlexTier
o   Free Disk Capacity for StorNext. Purchase QXS and get up to 1/3 of the capacity at no cost
o   Contact [email protected] to take advantage of these offers.
Ø  Red Hat- We have a Free DEMO lab here at SYNNEX that we can help partners spin up environments to test and break/fix OpenStack, OpenShift, CloudForms and Satellite environments (Red Hat Emerging Products).  Contact Hugh Stephens 864 349 4732 or [email protected]   Call to see how we can assess your customers environments for free.
Ø  Ruckus Wireless- Free RF planning and Heat Maps. Demo equipment for 30 days at no charge. Contact T Cox at 864 373 7609 or [email protected]
Ø  Samsung Mobility- Free access to Samsung mobility demos including, tablets, unlocked handhelds, chromebooks, etc., Free freight on orders over $10K direct drop shipped from Samsung, Free trade-in and trade-up program, get money for old equipment. Free consultation on Knox Solutions. Free Tech support 1 877 610 6680 (Tablets and Chromebooks). Free Tech Support Knox 1 855 567 KNOX.

Ø  Waterdog – Sign up for a Workspace as a Service account and get one free month on the Pro Plan as well as $500.00 in Google Cloud Credits.  Additionally, this offer includes training sessions for your staff as well as coaching sessions to help set you up for success with Workspace as a Service.  Contact Katie Austin, [email protected] for more details or to get enrolled.  

John Phillips
Associate Vice President, Sales

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Normally I don't give a disclaimer beyond the one posted permanently on my blog. But I just want to make sure you know, I get nothing out of this except your undying gratitude.

If that.

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