Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Most Popular Blog Posts of March 2013

It's always interesting to see what brings people in. Here are the most read blog posts from last month:

#1 = Microsoft Announced the End of of SBS from June 5, 2012

This is the biggest post of the last year. That's appropriate since it was probably the biggest announcement of the year for the small business space.

#2 = SOP Friday: Prudent Password Policies

This one is basically an appeal for IT pros to back off from the viewpoint that every password has to be super-strong. Some passwords just aren't that important.

#3 = SOP Friday: How to Work 8AM to 5PM in I.T. Consulting

One of my long-standing philosophies is that you need to relax and take some time off so you can be more productive when you work.

#4 = SOP Friday: Service Manager Roles and Responsibilities

This is another one from last summer. I'm not sure what the sudden interest is.

#5 = SOP Friday: Vendor Management and Coordination

A recent blog post in the SOP series.

#6 = Managed Services in a Month Audio Book - Free for One Week Only

A recent blog post in the SOP series.

#7 = Reboot Your Business or Let it Die

A recent blog post regarding a press release we published.

#8 = Uhh . . . Nine New Podcasts Posted at Cloud Services Roundtable

This is a description of some blog posts I put up a year ago. That title just turned out to be keyword rich, so the traffic keeps on coming.

#9 = SOP Friday: Removing Old Information - From Everything

A recent blog post in the SOP series.

#10 = SOP Friday: Organizing Your Company Files and Folders

This article has become a consistent favorite. I think we're all trying to practice consistent improvement, so looking at someone else's system is helpful.

Overall, the SOP (standard operating procedure) Friday series has been extremely popular. Six of the top ten blog posts for the last month have been from that series.

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