Monday, April 01, 2013

Introducing Non-Con 2013 - The Ultimate Non Conference

SMB Non Conference Agenda

Non-Con 2013!

What's the best part of a conference? The Hallway Conversations!

Therefore, we are proud to announce that we're holding an entire conference around the concept of hallway conversations. That means lots of opportunities to talk about the topics you care most about - and exchange ideas with other consults who have the same challenges and opportunities.

This will be a two-day extravaganza where you and your colleagues can gather, enjoy social time together, and meet new people in your industry. We will literally have a Hallway Conversation Conference!

June 7-8, 2013
(That's Friday-Saturday with a "preday" reception on Thursday night.)

Crowne Plaza
French Quarter
New Orleans, LA

The Location:

First, I love New Orleans and don't get there enough.

Second, the Crowne Plaza has the absolute best 2nd Story Hallways and Balconies of any hotel I've been to. In fact, their "grand" hallways are called galleries and they are both large and well laid out for conversations and receptions. We can be separate from the other guests and still have plenty of different "places" to congregate and have hallway conversations.

Third, Did I mention I love New Orleans?

Join me!

-- Karl W. Palachuk - Small Biz Thoughts

Astor Foyer - Look at THAT Hallway:

Agenda -
SMB IT Non-Con 2013

SMB Non Conference Agenda
June 7-8, 2013
This is an emerging schedule - subject to change.
Note that there are no formal presentations. The recommended topics for each time slot are just a place to get started. We are accepting volunteers to kick off conversations. But this is really just a suggestion. Make it your conference by starting your own hallway conversations!

Thursday, June 6th

7:00 PM -
11:00 PM
Reception and Registration
Astor Executive Club (see picture below)
Sponsored by Intel
(Note: Registration continues in 2nd floor vendor hall all day Friday.)

 Friday, June 7th

7:30 AM -
9:00 AM
Sponsored by HP
9:00 AM -
10:00 AM

Sessions will not be held on:
- New Product Developments with Microsoft Cloud
- Digging into Server 2012 Core
- Tools and Techniques workshop on CRM products

10:00 AM -
11:00 AM
Vendor Hall Open
- Live music sponsored by SBS Migration/SMB IT Experts

11:00 AM -
12:00 Noon
Sessions will not be held on:
- HP vs. Dell "Cage Match" on rack mounted storage arrays
- Small Business Development (Programming/Coding) Opportunities
- "Killin It" with Great Video-Based Marketing

12:00 Noon -
2:00 PM
- Pool-side Cajun BBQ with the Microsoft MVPs
- Bring your swim suit and your appetite. Let the Microsoft MVPs serve up authentic Cajun Food while listening to live Zydeco music.
- At the roof-top pool
- Sponsored by Microsoft

Roof-Top Pool
2:00 PM -
3:00 PM
Vendor Hall Open
- "Brain Explosion Trivia" provided by Third Tier

3:00 PM -
4:00 PM
Sessions will not be held on:
- Building the 100% Virtual Consulting Business by Outsourcing Everything
- Could You Move to Mid-Market? A Strategy Session.
- If the Yellow Pages are Dead and Google Advertising Sucks, What's Next?

4:00 PM -
5:00 PM
Free Time
5:00 PM -
6:30 PM
Vendor Hall Open
- Display of Local Art and Artists sponsored by Rackspace

Evening / Dinner
- Connect up with your favorite vendor for dinner out on the town. Vendors have been informed that steak is available in every city in North America and that actual Cajun Food is preferred since we're in the French Quarter.

9:00 PM -
11:00 PM
Late Evening Social Event
- Live Talent Contest in the Grand Gallery
- Already promised to perform: Harry Brelsford, Jeff Middleton, Jan Spring, and Nancy Williams
- Sign up and Join the Fun!
- Sponsored by PacketTrap

 Saturday, June 8th

8:00 AM -
9:30 AM
Sponsored by ConnectWise

9:30 AM -
11:00 AM
Special Hands-on-Labs will not be held on:
- Fix the PC
- Fix the Server
- Pick which platform you want to troubleshoot. Each machine is from the same image and has the same specific problem. Race your time to find the correct solution - and document it properly!
- Machines provided by HP. Cloud storage provided by DreamHost.

11:00 AM -
12:00 Noon
Vendor Hall Open
- Kinnect Game Series sponsored by Backup Assist

12:00 Noon -
2:00 PM
- Great Cajun Food just across the street at the Red Fish Grill!
- Sponsored by Autotask

2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
- Final Vendor Gathering
- Town Hall Meeting
- Prize Drawings

Final Note:

We leave you in the French Quarter on Saturday night. Informal groups will be gathering for dinner, shows, and evening entertainment.

To get the most out of your visit, we encourage you to stay through Sunday and enjoy museums, the Mississippi River, and many sites not directly next to the hotel!
The Astor Executive Club:
Executive Club