Saturday, April 06, 2013

"Unbiased" Advice for Your Clients

Hey, I.T. Pros.

Wouldn't it be great if you had an unbiased, third party who could help you convince your clients to make wise technology decisions? Well, I've got one for you.
(that's Consultant or Amateur)

You can point your clients to this site and say "See. Read this. This guy is not trying to sell you anything. And he's giving you the same advice I give you."

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Why Do You Need A Site You Can Point Your Clients To?

Well . . .

Let's be honest. Sometimes clients can make some pretty big mistakes. Most of the mistakes fall into the category of "Saving the Wrong Pennies." That is, they want to keep using that old switch with two broken ports - because it still works. But 70% of their service requests are about how slow the network is.

Wouldn't it be great to point to a site that's geared entirely on giving them good advice that supports what you've been telling them? Of course it would!

Sometimes clients make bad decisions because they want to spend too much money. Maybe they heard a radio ad. Maybe a telco salesman got a hold of them. Maybe they think they're technicians because they read a bunch of books.

Basically, you give your clients good advice. Once in awhile it's nice to point to a third party who supports your point. In this case, I'm a third party who happens to be and SMB consultant and who will not take your client even if they ask me.

A Focus On Higher Standards

I have long held that higher standards in our industry are good for everyone - except the trunk-slamming amateur. Clients will be better served when they buy professional tech support. And when they replace their equipment every three years. And when all their licensing is legal. And when they understand managed services. And when they have some idea what cloud computing is.


We live in an era of very sophisticated computers. Operating systems, hardware, and software are all very robust. If properly designed, configured, and maintained, modern systems should just stay UP. Clients should be able to assume that their computers will work every day and never give them problems.

The two biggest variables are: 1) Good advice on the system design, and 2) Good decisions by the client. Luckily for you, that means the most important variables are you and your client.

The bottom line is that your clients can be much happier with their technology if they take your advice (assuming you give good advice). The Consultant or Amateur blog is intended to support you in your quest to give clients good advice and a good experience with their technology.

I would appreciate it if you would review the site, subscribe to it, and keep it in mind when you can use a little help showing your clients some 3rd party support for your recommendations.


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