Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Managed Services in a Month Audio Book - Free for One Week only!

Managed Services in a Month Free Audio Version

Limited Time Offer!

Managed Services in a Month audio book - 2nd ed.

255 MB - 5 hours of audio!

Get this for free! In exchange you just have to Post/Tweet about it.

Choose a social network, post your message, and get your free content.

You don't even have to give me your name, email, or any other info. You post, you get it. Just like that.

Managed Services in a Month Audio Book free for a limited time

Free - Free - Free

Here's the scoop for all you suspicious folks:

Pay With A Tweet - www.paywithatweet.com - allow you to trade social media juice for products and services. I'm hoping that 1,000,000 people download this book for free.

And I hope 1% of them buy something from me, get on my mailing list, etc.

As you Tweet, and your network Tweets, this could spread very quickly. If nothing else, it will be FUN!

This book will sell for $24.95 at the end of next week. So get it now and spread the word!

Thanks, as always, for your support.
- karlp



  1. Anonymous8:14 PM

    So.. I "paid" with Facebook. How do I claim?

  2. Anon - when you click on the link above -


    - then post, it should redirect you to the download.

  3. Fully Agreed with the points here, and it shows a great deal of correct sense about Managed Services. Thanks for the wonderful flow of information 


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