Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Means . . . It's Sales Time!

I don't have any pillow cases or used cars to sell. But I do have . . .

Everything at!

Abe Lincoln says
you should spend your money
on Memorial Day.

One Day Only. May 28th.

Go to and save 25% right now on everything. Enter the code Memo2012.

This code will work on top of any other discounts. That means you can combine the automatic discounts on the site plus any other code you might have from ASCII, SMBTN, or elsewhere.

This is a perfect time to save big on the NEW Network Migration Workbook - 2nd Edition and the SMB Online Conference.

For example:

- Add Network Migration Workbook =$249.95

- Add SMB Online Conference (Live + Recordings) = $299

- Automatic Discount = $82.34

- Your total = $466.61

- Enter Code Memo2012: Your New Total = $329.37

That gets you the $250 Big Book plus the $399 version of the SMB Online Conference . . . all for less that $330 !

Please browse all of the Books, Audio Programs, Seminars, and Sale items at SMB Books. Then save an extra 25% today.


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