Saturday, May 05, 2012

Jeff Middleton Announces Speakers for the IT Pro Conference in June

Got a memo from Jeff with a list of the speakers for the IT Pro Conference June 8-9 in New Orleans. You can join me there! I already have my airplane tickets!

The theme for this year's conference is TRUSTED IDENTITY: Faith in a Technology World
- Who are you and why would I believe it?
- Why should I trust you electronically, ethically, or in reality?

All the juicy details of content and speakers is at:

Hightlights include:
- More than  20 respected thought leaders and technical strategist
- Topics include a range of privacy, security and identity, and branding concerns for IT Pro consultants
- Preday: A deep-dive Pre-Day on June 7 hosted by Third Tier Brain Explosion. There are still about 20 seats left for the pre-day, so get your registration in now.

Pre-Day includes:
• IPv6 Right Now Presented – by Cliff Galiher
• Active Directory Management Presented – by Brian Higgins
• Exchange 2010 Compliance and Archiving Presented – by David Shackelford
• Managing Data Encryption Presented – by Jeremy Anderson

For more details, see 

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For your quick reference, here’s the speakers line-up this year:

  • Security MVP Dana Epp Canada
  • SBS-MVP Susan Bradley CA, US
  • SBS-MVP Amy Babinchak MI, US
  • Security/Technologist  Lawrence Teo NC, US
  • Security Trainer Jay Ferron FL, US
  • SBS-MVP Cal McLennan Canada
  • SBS-MVP Jeff Middleton LA, US
  • SBS-MVP Cliff Galiher MT, US
  • Third Tier (Support) Jeremy Anderson CA, US
  • SBS-MVP Marina Roos Netherlands
  • SBS-MVP Dave Nickason NY, US
  • SBS-MVP Kevin Royalty OH, US
  • SBS-MVP Eriq Neale TX, US
  • WHS-MVP  Grey Lancaster NC, US
  • Third Tier (Support) Brian Higgins MI, US
  • Exchange MVP Dave Shackelford WA, US
  • SBS-MVP Larry Struckmeyer FL, US
  • SBS-MVP Tero Lenisken Finland
  • IT Pro Expert-MVP Mitch Garvis Canada
  • SBSC Advisory Karl Palachuk CA, US
  • Security/Legal Ben Yarbrough NC, US
  • IT Pro Expert-MVP  Jessica DeVita CA, US
Please join us. This is always a great conference. And New Orleans is a very special and amazing city. I am grateful for the opportunity to visit again!


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