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IT Businesses Fail Because of Their Owners

We just put out a major press release about the SMB Online Conference in June. On day three, I will talk about consistency in running a company. It is easy to start a company, but most small businesses fail. And nine times out of ten, it’s because the owner has inconsistent practices.

There are no secrets to success. Everyone knows you need to focus. But we get distracted and constantly change our approach. If I followed every fad for the last sixteen years, I would have gone out of business several times by now!

All of our amazing speakers will address some facet of this topic. Please join us!

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Here's that press release:

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IT Businesses Fail Because of Their Owners

Karl W. Palachuk, speaker, author, blogger
Sacramento, CA, May 31, 2012 – Technology author Karl Palachuk will address the successful operation of an IT consulting company in his June 28th keynote address at the first Online Conference for Small Business IT Consultants, Managing for Success 2012. His topic is Consistency Leads to Success.

Managing for Success 2012 will be held “online” June 26-28, 2012 and features eighteen hours of training for IT professionals, computer consultants, and managed service providers who focus on the Small and Medium Business market.

As he opens day three, Palachuk will talk about consistency in running a company. “It is easy to start a company,” he said, “but most small businesses fail. And nine times out of ten, it’s because the owner has inconsistent practices.”

Palachuk is a successful entrepreneur and built an IT consulting company that lasted sixteen years. “There are no secrets to success,” he said. “Everyone knows you need to focus. But we get distracted and constantly change our approach. If I followed every fad for the last sixteen years, I would have gone out of business several times by now!”

Palachuk will start each conference day with a presentation of the “theme of the day” and then provide a discussion of some standard operating procedures related to the theme of the day. The June 28th theme – consistency – will tie together presentations by six speakers, including business coaches and IT community leaders.

Palachuk is a prolific blogger and is well known for his SOP Friday series at The SOP Friday series picks one topic each week and explores the standard operating procedures that technology consultants might adopt.

The June 28th agenda includes IT coach Josh Peterson and community builder Arlin Sorensen. Peterson is a business coach for IT consultants and is the COO of FusionTek, a Managed Services Provider based in Seattle, WA. FusionTek is committed to proving that a professional sales team can make all the difference in our industry. Sorensen is the founder and CEO of both Heartland Technology Solutions and the HTG Peer Groups. Heartland Technology Solutions has seven offices in five states (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma) and more than 75 employees. HTG is now comprised of 270 member companies throughout the U.S., Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

“We want to help computer consultants to be better business people, with a vision for the future and strategies for success,” said Palachuk. “That’s why we named the conference Managing for Success 2012,” he said. “Conference sessions will cover managing a business, marketing a business, creating standard operating procedures, building a strong team, and even buying up your competition.”

The conference is “virtual” (online only) and will run 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day on June 26-28, 2012. Attendees can choose to listen live or also have access to the recorded sessions. In all, the conference will broadcast eighteen hours of programming in three days. Primary sponsors of the SMB Online Conference include ConnectWise and LabTech Software.

The online format is new for this kind of conference, says Palachuk. “We’re well into the fourth year of a recession and the large national I.T. conferences just haven’t had the turnout they used to. People have smaller budgets. Consulting companies are stretched thin. So an online conference saves time, travel, and money. It also means we don’t have to charge as much since we’re not paying for hotel meeting rooms and catering.”

To learn more about Managing for Success 2012, visit

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