Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Most Popular Blog Posts of the Last Month

It might be a nerd thing, but I love just looking at the "stats" from my blog. It is just plain strange what makes the top ten sometimes. In the last month I've posed 18 blog posts at Given the length of my posts, that's about half of a book. So it's interesting to see what people read the most. Ideally, I want the most popular posts to be the most recent. But it doesn't always work out that way.

Here are the most read blog posts from the last 31 days:

#1 = My 950th Blog Post from Dec 8, 2011
This tiny, pointless post just barely makes the 31 day limit. I'm not sure why people gravitate to milestone postings, but they do.

#2 = SOP Friday: Activating and Registering Client Software from Dec 16, 2011
This is part of the SOP Friday series, which has a lot of followers and several regular readers.

#3 = SOP Friday: Hiring Your First Employee from Dec 23, 2011
This is part of the SOP Friday series and part of a little mini-series of posts on employee hiring.

#4 = The Cost of an Employee from Dec 19, 2011
This is part of that little mini-series of blog posts about hiring your first employee. Not part of the SOP Friday series.

#5 = SOP Friday: Cash Flow Weekly Procedure from Dec 30, 2011
A very recent SOP Friday post.

#6 = SOP Friday: Defining Your Company to Clients and Employees from Dec 2, 2011
This is the first "top ten" that wasn't from the immediate past 31 days. It is a very popular post and might just stay in the top ten another 30 days.

#7 = Not Training IS Training from Dec 21, 2011
Just a regular post here. This one got a lot of feedback and also looks like it will be popular going forward.

#8 = SOP Friday: Running Regular Financial Reports from Dec 9, 2011
Another in the SOP Friday series.

#9 = Zenith vs. Kaseya from Dec 7, 2007
Here's one OLD post that is just amazingly popular. I have even added a not to it that warns that this is an old but popular post. This perennial favorite enjoyed it's 4th birthday last month. I think it's popularity comes from the fact that it is a popular article with the exact wording of a very popular search term. In fact, this is the single most popular posting in the history of

#10 = Sales Boost: Toner for The New Year from Dec 27, 2011
And, finally, a year-end post that got a lot of visitors.

Overall, most of my traffic comes from some pretty standard sources. Some posts have been linked from various web sites for years. So the overall popularity of some articles is related to a large number of hard-coded in-coming traffic. Thank you for that!

It's also the case that I "own" a number of search terms. For example, if you Google "Zenith vs. Kaseya" you'll find the ever-popular blog post above is very highly ranked. After six years of blogging about the same topics, content is king, so the hard-coded links keep increasing.

As a new year begins, I am honored to have a blog that continues to attract readers. In 2011, the number of visitors grew about 560%. I doubt we'll do that again, but I'll try!

Thank you all for your support!


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