Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Special Webinar: Managing Successful Projects in Autotask

I have a slightly different approach from most people about project management in the SMB space. If you haven't seen my Super-Good Project Planner for Technical Consultants, you might want to check that out.

Basically, I prefer to use a ticketing system to manage small projects rather than big packages like Microsoft Project. So Len from Autotask asked me to put together a presentation on how to manage projects in Autotask using the Ticketing module.

Of course I said yes.

I presented this information twice at the Autotask Community Live event in Miami a few months ago. (I'm happy to say, standing room only at both shows.) So now Autotask is having me present this material as a live webinar for folks who couldn't make it to Miami.

The webinar is tomorrow:

Autotask Community Live Rewind: How To Manage Tickets and Projects to Streamline Workflows
Thursday, August 5, 2010
1:00-2:00pm EDT
(10am Pacific)

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The webinar will kick off with Len DiCostanzo, Autotask's Senior Vice President and Dean of the Autotask Academy.

I'll talk about some of the most important elements of managing successful and profitable projects. Then I'm going to give a quick walk-through of how you can manage a real world project: a Small Business Server Migration in Autotask, using the ticketing module.

I'll walk through everything from the quote, to the ticket creation, and then on to execution.

In my opinion, there are VERY FEW projects in the SMB space that require more than a well executed plan and a great ticketing system.

Join me and see if you agree.

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See you Thursday!



  1. Never can get enough of Karl! Looking forward to more of your "small thoughts" :->

  2. Anonymous10:28 PM


    Do you know if this will be available recorded after the fact? 10am Pacific is 3:00am Australian Eastern Standard!


  3. I'm sure Autotask plans to record this.

    As soon as I have the download file or link to their recording, I will post it.

    Remind me if you don't see it in a few days.

  4. Karl,

    Did you manage to get the recorded URL?


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