Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Made the MSPMentor 250 (again)!

The third edition of's MSPmentor 250 list is out. Actually, it will be trickling out on a schedule. But the big news is out: For the third year in a row I somehow managed to make the list.

I am particularly proud this year because there are a lot more people who are working in managed services than there were last year or the year before.

Okay, so what is the MSPmentor 250?

Well, first, the MSPmentor site and blog are a GREAT resource for anyone interested in following what's going on the world of Managed Services. Check out My friend Joe Panettieri has put together news, resources, and a lot more.

So every year Joe, Amy, and the good folks at Nine Lives Media put out the MSPmentor 250 list. From their news release:
In order to be considered for the MSPmentor 250, members had to be nominated during our survey — which ran from May through July 23, 2010. We narrowed down the list based on specific achievements (“Jane Doe increased her company’s recurring revenue by 50 percent”) rather than feel-good statements (“John Doe is a smart industry leader”).

Thank you to whoever nominated me. I appreciate your support. I'm not sure what I did except sit here and blather on about our industry. But maybe that's what the industry needs. LOL

Anyway . . . the list has 250 names, so it's a little hard to analyze or process all at once. You can download the complete list at The MSPmentor Resource Center. You’ll find the complete report — including executive bios and individual claims to fame. Registration is required but they are very well behaved and don't spam you.

As this week rolls on, MSPmentor is releasing various information on the MSPmentor 250 members. You’ll find HTML links to the MSPmentor 250 members. Also coming tomorrow (Aug. 20): MSPmentor 250 list members sorted in new ways, including by company name, area of specialty, region and so forth.

Confused? Check out the MSPmentor 250 center for all of our existing and forthcoming coverage.

. . . .

And as long as you're there, poke around and look at all the other good things you find there.


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  1. Congrats! Blathering is a needed, it is the verbal akin to learning a new technical skill. We all learn things from your Small Biz Thoughts


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