Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Is Your Service Something You BELIEVE In?

This article appeared in my recent SMB Email and is reprinted here by request.
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Jerry (my sales guy) and I had an interesting chat the other day. We created a new product for our clients to buy. I wanted to start by offering it to an exclusive list of our top ten clients.

After we worked out all the details, Jerry asked me if he could offer up the new service exclusively to our largest client and give them the opportunity to be the first to invest. My first reaction is that this is just greedy.

Jerry explained otherwise: This client sees us as a true asset to their business and even though they give us more money than anyone else, they will appreciate the extra attention.

NOTE: Jerry considers our offering to be something truly good for our clients. He views what we do as a true asset to them. So offering the largest client an opportunity to spend even more is another service we can provide to them!

The lesson for me is pretty clear. We need to offer up products and services that our clients see as gifts for which they are grateful. We need to see them that way in order for our clients to see them that way.

If you are having trouble with sales, consider this: Are you offering something the client sees as an expense or as something with a much more positive connotation? If you see BDR or cloud offerings as a great opportunity for you clients, then they'll feel that conviction and enthusiasm.


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